Jigsaw Puzzle Website Content Packs

Need content for your website?

The content packs available here allow you to easily add jigsaw puzzles to any page on your site. These puzzles will give people a reason to visit your site, to return to it, and to tell their friends about it. You can also add your own description text above or below each puzzle to give search engines unique text content to index. Each of the content packs contains 100 jigsaw puzzles for just $5, so the base cost to add each puzzle to your website is only 5 cents. You can also buy the 5 pack combo for $20 (4 cents per puzzle).

You can see an example puzzle at the bottom of this page. (Click here to see the example puzzle in a new browser tab.)

Adding a puzzle to your webpage is easy. Once you have uploaded the puzzle files to your web hosting and configured the script (which only takes a minute), all you need to do to incorporate a puzzle into your webpage is to add the code below to the webpage that you want the puzzle to appear on (Note that the content area of your website's theme needs to be at least 752 pixels wide to accomodate a puzzle.).

<div style="width:752px;height:940px;padding:0px;margin:0px auto"><iframe src="puzzle-iframe.html?id=10" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" style="width:752px;height:940px;padding:0px;margin:0px"></iframe></div>

The 'src' attribute of the iframe should be edited to the URL of the puzzle script page and the 'id' number of the puzzle you want to appear on your page. The instructions file provided will show you how to do this (it's fairly simple).

Each puzzle also includes thumbnail links to a random selection of the other jigsaw puzzles that you have available on your website. Visitors to your site can easily find more puzzles to keep them occupied and engaged with your site.

If you'd like to buy these jigsaw puzzle packs to add to your site then you can purchase them at the links below.

Buy Pack 1 - ($5 for 100 Puzzles)
Buy Pack 2 - ($5 for 100 Puzzles)
Buy Pack 3 - ($5 for 100 Puzzles)
Buy Pack 4 - ($5 for 100 Puzzles)
Buy Pack 5 - ($5 for 100 Puzzles)
Buy Packs 1 to 5 - ($20 for 500 Puzzles)

Payments are made via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal). The 'Buy Packs 1 to 5' option lets you buy all five of the content packs at a discounted rate.

After purchasing a content pack you will be sent to a page that includes the basic information required including all necessary download links, and also the password to the zip file for the content pack you have purchased. The content packs are password protected with the password provided when you purchase a pack.

You can download the content packs from the links below (password protected).

Download Pack 1
Download Pack 2
Download Pack 3
Download Pack 4
Download Pack 5

The jigsaw puzzle content packs require some additional files; including the puzzle script, the sound files, an example file showing how to include a puzzle in a webpage, and the instructions file. You can download those files from the link below (the zip file isn't password protected, so you can take a look at what you'll be buying before making the decision to buy a pack). Note that the puzzle script can only be legally used with packs that you've bought.


If you have any issues or questions then you can use the support sub-reddit to get help. You'll need an account at Reddit.com to post there.

Support Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/jigsawfactory/

Make sure that you bookmark this page if you'd like more packs like these. New content packs will be available in future.

Example Puzzle