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Here are some links for various free and paid web hosting services.

NOTE: Whichever web host you use I recommend changing the password for your FTP and cPanel control panel as well as your client account login as soon as you sign up to the host. I've had issues with accounts getting hacked when using the default password sent by web hosts after signup.

To upload your files to your web hosting account try FileZilla .

Paid Web Hosting Links

Hostgator is a well-known web host that has a good reputation. They have a website builder with a great many website themes available, as well as a website script installer to help you easily install many useful website scripts (Wordpress, etc).

Asura Hosting
I've had an account with Asura Hosting for a couple of years. Their quality is a bit erratic but their pricing is extremely low ($12 a year). Good for non-critical projects. I've had issues with accounts getting hacked with them, though. Their server security is probably not the best.

Scala Hosting
I've had an account with Scala Hosting for a few months. They are relatively cheap and seem to be fairly reliable.

Free Web Hosting Links

Note that many free hosts will delete your account if you don't log into the account at least once a month. Their servers are also usually heavily overloaded which makes them slow and unreliable. You get what you pay for. Best to just use them to get aquainted with using web hosting before moving on to paid hosting.

X10 Hosting
X10 Hosting have been in the free and paid hosting business for quite a while. I've used their free service in the past and found it okay. My free account ended up deleted when I forgot to login to keep it alive though. If you have a free account with them then you always have the option of upgrading it to a paid account.

You can download a demo version of the Jigsaw Factory jigsaw puzzle generator software by clicking here.